Experience Nijmegen

With a history which goes 2000 years back in time, Nijmegen claims the title of the oldest city in the Netherlands. Something that you can not directly tell since a big part of the city centre was bombed during the second world war. Nowadays the city is world-famous among tourists from all over the world including hike- and run enthusiasts. The city hosts beautiful running events such as 'De Zevenheuvelenloop' and 'De Stevensloop' and of course the biggest event (for walking) of the world: the international Four Day Marches
This combined with all the other activities organized all year around and the many local hotspots in Nijmegen, makes this a city you don't want to miss out on when visiting The Netherlands. 



Experience a running tour


I hear you think... Why should I run with a guide? 
Brendon, founder of White Dot Adventures wrote in his blog '6 Reasons To Book A Running Tour' the following sentence:

'Running tours are much more than running. It's your opportunity to hang out with a local with
insider knowledge of the best the town has to offer. Even if history, art, music, wildlife and plants aren't your thing - a local guide is sure to know which way to send you after you've finished up your run.'  We couldn't agree more.
There are more than 170 running tours organizations listed on runningtours.net. The concept of a guided running tour has laid its stake across the globe. 

Book a run- or bike tour with us and explore Nijmegen in an elegant speed, going from one
interesting place to the other. In between, you will get enough rest to catch your breath and
assume everything the city has to offer.